75 Minutes
Recommended for 1-20 guests


Upon arrival, your Monster High character will introduce themselves and get to know the birthday child and all of their guests by name.

Sing-Along Mini Concert

Join your Monster High character in singing along to her favourite song from the show with her karaoke machine!

Dance Warm Up

Your Monster High character will invite all the children to warm-up their bodies so that they don't pull a muscle during "Fearleading Practice"

Fearleading Practice

The children will learn a short "Fearleading" routine!

Monster High Makeover

The children will accessorize themselves with make-up and jewelry for their Fearleading performance!

Live Performance!

Time to show off what they've learned in a live performance for the parents!


Play some interactive games, prizes await!

Special Surprise

The birthday child becomes an official member of Monster High and will be presented with a special headband accessory and certificate to commemorate the occasion!


Time to capture the moment with some pictures with your Monster High character


Each child is presented with an autographed picture for some fun colouring!

Happy Birthday!

Last, but not least, your Monster High character will invite your guests to gather together and sing Happy Birthday!

Add-On: Themed Loot Bags. $7 per bag. Each bag contains 10 (or more) items.
Add-On: Character Themed Cupcakes from $45/dozen.